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UPDATE November 17 2022

I am currently suspended for a year on Meta. A suspension awarded 11 November, 2022. I read this comment on a Windows-Phone statement: Judging from her activity here on Meta.SE, and the end date of her suspension, it would appear she's serving a year-long suspension that was only applied last week, nearly a year since the last visible activity on that question. There's no visible correlation between the two. – @XXX

That is inaccurate. In 2021 I was suspended for one month because of a Windows-Phone question I'd posted, and my attempt to strike up an honest and sincere discussion. I've been tip-toeing on SE ever since, but in 2022 two comments attracted the ire of users who saw fit to flag them. Comments which were devoid of hate, prejudice, or animosity. No foul language, vulgarity, obscenity, or mean-spirited sentiment was expressed. The first comment was in support of a heavily downvoted post, and its author, illustrating a paradoxical situation. Meanwhile, a dismissive comment—untouched–sneered at the OP's legitimate query.

But my comments did not–and I quote–“spark joy”.

“…we do feel your heart is in the right place but at this point a longer one [suspension] might be in order.”

I'm not going trot out the code of conduct, but implicitly our rules have always been "Be Nice" - and the above comments were not.

The two culpable comments are:

Meta is the wrong site to hold a calm discussion or to wage a battle (take your pick) about comments, downvotes, moderator powers, deletions and ..etc. etc. You're talking to a hardcore user-base who started out as helpful but naive users [and then] later turned hardened and dogmatic. You're right. This site is not the place to have any discussion that is not about support or bugs even though it does have the discussion tag! –@Mari-Lou A

Later I replied (an error)

Ha ha my comment about comments being deleted even when the discussion tag exists, got deleted. The rules: extended Exterminate. comments. But somehow it's not always consistent, see here?

The “here” linked to an extended discussion on Meta.

Previous suspension

UPDATE Currently suspended on Meta SE for one month (October 13, 2021) because this comment was the final straw....

enter image description here

Comments mostly deleted because it seems I was instigating the closure of a site, luckily I had left the page open so I took a screenshot.

enter image description here

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