During my day job, and even sometimes in my hobbies, I am a programmer and software engineer. Within the software engineering realm, I'm most interested in design patterns, techniques, theories, and language features that make software systems easiest to develop, maintain, and support. My key interest of late is strongly typed functional languages (such as Haskell and Scala) for all the benefits they seem to provide the developer without causing much of a performance hit. I work in the nitty-gritty often in my day job, but my preference is to understand things well at the most general and abstract levels of programming to apply solutions more broadly.

Outside of software, I have varied interests. The chief among them is Eastern Orthodox Christianity, so you will find me fairly active on the Christianity SE site. However, I also have interests in creative writing (poetry in particular), personal finance (who doesn't?), food, travel, philosophy, and the outdoors (especially rock climbing).

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