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This site is now Writing

In response to the recent discussion "Should we change our name?", we've made a subtle but crucial alteration to how this site presents itself: As a general practice, we long ago moved away from ...
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What are we supposed to do now about discipline issues?

Before the cluster-screw that was Stack Exchange wrongfully revoking Monica's mod status and the ensuing dozens of mods resigning/taking leaves of absence, we had some semblance of order and ...
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Announcing a Pro Tempore Moderator election

Summary: Writing Stack Exchange will begin the nomination stage for a special election on July 29 to bring in one more moderator. For full details of the process, see the announcement on Meta Stack ...
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Do you hear the Writers sing?

I have just posted this on Meta: a call to end our imprisonment in "beta". This has been done following this discussion last year, and this one this year. If you care about us becoming a full ...
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Moderator Pro Tem Announcement

Throughout the beta, we need members from the site whose focus is to engage the community, both in community-building issues and site management. That's why we select a few members from each community ...
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Questions coming in from Technical Communication

As previously discussed in Let's migrate content from Technical Communication here and also on their meta (probably not available for much longer), we are currently receiving a large number of ...
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Now there arose a new king over Egypt

I have promised to keep my activity on SE on hold until the situation with Monica's firing and slander resolved itself. This has now happened, and I find the resolution unsatisfactory. Here is what I ...
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Announcing a “Graduation” election for 2021

Summary: Writing Stack Exchange will begin the nomination stage for an election on November 1st, as your “graduation” election. When we ran an election here last year, we intentionally chose to make ...
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Proposed contest: let's recognize some generalists!

This is a proposal for a contest, not a contest announcement (yet). Please help refine the idea, and then we'll run it. The Generalist badge is a milestone for sites and not just individual people. ...
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2018: a year in moderation

It's New Year's Day in Stack Exchange land... A distinguishing characteristic of these sites is how they are moderated: We designed the Stack Exchange network engine to be mostly self-regulating, in ...
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Let's Hold a Contest! [October 2013]

Goal Writers.SE has been small but steady for quite a while; we're not slipping, but we want an opportunity to grow. So we're planning an event which is a combination of of promotion, and content ...
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Stack Improvement Drive: Writers

Greetings from Stack Exchange HQ! I am here to check in on the site and see if there’s any way the Community Growth team from Stack Exchange can help you improve it. Note that this is a more hands-on, ...
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A Suggestion From an Outsider - Vote Early, Vote Often

While this sort of thing has been said on many sites, I thought it might be worth saying here. Vote early, vote often. If a question is worthy of an answer, it's worthy of an upvote. If you don't ...
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Updating the "existing literary works" close reason to point to Literature SE?

One of the current custom close reasons of Writing SE is: The community has decided that questions about existing literary works, except in a writing-specific context, are off-topic. For more ...
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How is “questions per day on average” computed?

My question, How is “questions per day on average” computed?, is prompted by noticing that Writers SE is still in Beta apparently because the number of questions per day, on average, is below some ...

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