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6 votes

Posted an answer to an on-hold question

That actually is intended behavior. Think about how aggravating it would be to spend half an hour writing a long, thorough answer with plenty of examples and external links and whatnot, only to get ...
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5 votes

Misbehaving reputation

This is not a bug, it's just that reputation gets really difficult once you hit the rep cap. Works-as-designed. Here is what I found out: The accept happened not on 8th January, but on 6th January ...
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3 votes

Typo in badge list for Electorate badge

No, that's status-bydesign; unlike Civic Duty, which counts votes on all posts, Electorate is specifically checking for votes on questions, not answers. The 'total' refers to all your votes on ...
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1 vote

Answer deleting everything before first comma

I'm testing the bug on the meta site. If this answer didn't begin with Hi viewer, then you know that the bug affected this answer as well. Yep, happens here too.
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