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Should we increase the reputation thresholds for privileges?

Stack Exchange has been talking about decoupling "graduation" and the various effects of that transition since 2015. So far they've only altered elections -- so-called "beta" sites, including us, now ...
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Should we increase the reputation thresholds for privileges?

The reputation thresholds depend on the status of the site. If it's a beta site the thresholds are low, if it's a graduated site the thresholds are big. There is no way for us to change the thresholds,...
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The power is going to my head: (Is my close vote decisive?)

You have a gold tag-badge in the creative-writing tag. Gold badge holders have the privilege of being able to unilaterally close questions as duplicates which have the relevant tag. For questions ...
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When will we lose the beta site model?

Writing is no longer beta - why do we still have the beta setup? When Writing was "graduated" from Beta to "Full Site" status it was as part of a mass graduation that SE did to ...
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What is the status of the increase in repuation thresholds for privileges?

Increasing reputation levels is no longer tied to beta status. The primary indicator of readiness is having x users with n reputation. Many sites that aren't beta don't have the users to support ...
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