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Congratulations, Cyn! It's well-earned. Hope you enjoy it!


Thanks, Cyn! I hope you have lots of fun here : D


Congratulations Cyn! Time to update the badge


Congratulations Cyn, and thank you Secespitus for also standing. We had two strong candidates. (Rumor has it that we'll have a full election for all the slots next year, so I hope the two of you and several other active users will throw your hats in then.)


Congratulations, Cyn! Welcome to the team.


Why will this site be having a full-site election in 6 months, yet your MSE announcement just says "full-site elections will be delayed but will be scheduled eventually." Does this mean that you've decided on this site's full-election schedule specifically, but not those of the other sites yet? If anything, I'd argue that a site that just got a new ...


Is there already a rough outline just for the order of new "features", such as: community ads reputation levels site design ... From your announcement it looks like we will first get the "real election" in 6+ months and then the rest is up to internal discussions, currently without any estimate for a complete official outline. Is that correct? Or is there ...


Will the winner of the current election need to run for reelection in 6 months?


This was addressed on the MSE post, but I'm bringing it here because it's Writing.SE specific. When will we be assessed for a change in reputation levels for privileges? And what are the criteria? I completely agree that this needs to be site by site, as many of the newly un-betatized sites are low participation and it takes a lot of time to build up rep. ...

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