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Can my question be marked as not duplicate?

The question has received one community reopen vote and therefore should be in the community reopen review queue.
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Merging of questions on plagiarism?

We haven't had a lot of merges, but merges are infrequent everywhere so that's not surprising. What we need to determine -- and this can be done by the community; it doesn't require a mod -- is: does ...
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Merging of questions on plagiarism?

These two questions - yes, I think they're similar enough that, as Monica states in her answer, every answer in both questions would fit both. At least, I skimmed over them, and it seemed so. I ...
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"Is my story too similar to story X" questions

In general: Stack Exchange has, in the past, been okay with a certain level of duplication, but I think this is also very much decided by individual sites. In this specific case: We can have a ...
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