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4 votes

Why is question closed with only two close votes?

The second close vote came from a moderator, and moderators can close (or reopen, or delete, or undelete) unilaterally. The moderator who closed it left comments explaining the problem and asking the ...
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3 votes

Can I (or someone else) vote to re-open a closed question?

You can cast reopen votes once you get the "close and reopen questions privilege"; on this site, that means reaching a reputation of 500 (other sites will have different bars). The author can edit ...
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2 votes

I think this question about formatting superimposed titles in a screenplay should be reopened

I agree with you. I'm not sure why the question was closed, and I'm definitely not sure why it was migrated to English.SE (who understandably rejected the migration because it's off-topic there). I ...
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