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What happened to the (potential) Writing e-book?

Browing through Writing Meta, I found a couple posts about the Writing SE e-book, which looked intresting. Is it (the Writing SE e-book) published? Drafted? Planned? Or dismissed? Who is/was/will take/...
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1 answer

Proposing a list of writing books

I understand that lists or specific book requests are forbidden on SE groups, though I don’t really see why, apart from the fact it would take up lots of time and generate multiple duplicates. I also ...
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4 votes
1 answer

What form should a Writing.SE book take?

We've had a meta question looking for questions to include in a Writing.SE e-book. However, a good book demands structure and planning. It's difficult to select questions for inclusion without knowing ...
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What questions should we compile into a Writing.SE eBook?

We've got a new promotion initiative: we're going to take some of the site's best Q&A, and make a showcase eBook out of them! The result will be a handy-dandy little e-guidebook with lots of the ...
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