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Closing a question: "belongs on another site" - can we have ELL as an option?

When voting to close a question, one possible reason is that the question is off-topic and would belong to another SE site. But the only sites to choose from are either English Language & Usage, ...
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Should Writing reduce the close vote requirement from 5 to 3?

Stack Exchange is testing a three-vote close threshold on 13 sites across the network. Writing.SE was not included on that list. However the mod team feel that it might be a good thing here, so we're ...
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Is this question on or off-topic for our site?

This post asks a good question. I am wondering if we should migrate it to EL&U SE though, it seems like too specific of a grammar question for our site. I am asking here on Meta, so as I gradually ...
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Community specific reasons for closing only shows EL&U and Writing Meta SE options

A reason for closing is that the question should belong on a different SE site. The pop-up box only gives you two possible sites to migrate the question to, Writing Meta and EL&U. Could we include ...
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8 votes
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Closing ancient questions

I have found today a question from 2014 in the VTC queue. What's our stance on those? It was on topic back then, it isn't now - we've changed what we call "on topic". We don't want questions like ...
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Could we close the "tenses" question (or tell me why it's not a dupe)?

I hate unanswered questions, I really do. So I was thinking now for (at least) the third time about answering "Why do writers use the tenses that they do?". But my answer would be pretty much the ...
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