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Could my upvotes be removed?

If I click on someone's profile and scroll through their questions/answers posted and upvote a lot of them, can this be removed as looking suspicious or spammy? I know this happens with downvotes, ...
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What is the highest upvoted/downvoted question, answer and comment on this site, and who is the highest rep user? (Writing.SE)

I know that this question is completely useless and trivial, but I am really curious. In the post about the departure of a significant user here, I couldn't help but notice the high rep users ...
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Why such a low vote turnout? :(

I guess during the private beta, this was asked: Not Much Voting Going On And I feel its still the same thing right now. A crude estimate from here tells me that only 4 users are above 1vote/day. ...
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revision edit upvote

I have someoene who revisioned or edited my question on Writers, can I give them points for them spending there time to make the edit? I know they get automatic credit for it, but can we give credit ...
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Not Much Voting Going On

While I was browsing around the site, there appears to be a lack of voting going on in the site. Personally, whenever I go to a StackExchange website, I usually vote up the good questions and comments ...
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