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The next writing challenge could be yours

Welcome to the future writing challenge proposal thread. This is where you will decide what the next writing challenges will be. The next challenge will take place in March 2022. How does the ...
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Writing prompts challenge... with a twist

Throughout the life of this SE there have been multiple instances of writing challenges, writing exercises and writing prompts. I wanted to suggest re-igniting that, with a few changes: We have a bi-...
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10 questions a day

We have a few strategies to graduate WritingSE out of beta status. I am trying to catch up on the issues (so this is probably naive), Do I understand correctly that the main issue is that we are not ...
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WTCS: Short story writing

This has been chosen for the week of 15 February 2012 to 21 Feburary 2012 Short story writing is an art form in itself. Short stories can range from six words, all the way to several thousand words. ...
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WTCS: Collaboration

This has been chosen for the week of 8 February 2012 to 14 Feburary, 2012 Weekly topic challenge suggestion: Collaboration. Questions about: Working with co-authors -- division of labor, managing ...
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WTCS: "House" as a study case

Topic: Questions using the TV show House as a case study. The idea is to analyze the writing of the popular TV show to gain wider insights applicaple to our own writing. Appropriate questions might ...
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WTCS: How do you balance the amount of conflict in a story?

Per the Weekly Topic Challenge Suggestion guidelines... Topic: "How do you balance the amount of conflict in a story?" How do you figure out at what point you're just keeping the lovers apart ...
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