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Would a "reading-as-a-writer" tag be useful?

There are at least a few questions concerning reading as a writer. Would it be useful to make (and apply) a reading-as-a-writer tag? Example questions (from the first page of the search "reading is:...
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8 votes
3 answers

Should "writing" be allowed as a tag?

Using the [programming] tag is discouraged on stackoverflow. Using the [apple] tag is discouraged on Using the [english] tag is discouraged on For the above cases, the theory ...
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Tagging for questions determining site scope

We have questions here in meta tagged as [on-topic-definition] as well as ones tagged [allowed-topics]. Let's pick one, any preference?
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Should Genres Be Tags? How should they be organised?

I've been asking some questions on Writers SE recently and one thought that came to my mind was genres - There appears to be tons of genres, and there will probably be lots of questions that use ...
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