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Specialized template for Critique Requests

This policy discussion is now out of date. Critique questions are off-topic on Writers.SE. Please look for more recent posts on this topic. We frequently have difficulty with questions phrased as ...
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Clarification of critique guidelines

Edit: This meta thread, while of historical interest, is no longer accurate: Critiques are no longer on-topic on Writers. (Anyone who wants to discuss, please comment on this more recent meta thread ...
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Minor changes: Not bumping up an edited question

Like Wikipedia, is there a way here at stack exchange to sign an edit as 'minor' (like in grammar, spelling corrections) and avoid bumping the question to the top of the list? Suggestion: Having the ...
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(DEPRECATED) Policy on Writing Critiques

We had a long, long discussion about this internally, and we've decided that writing critique questions are officially on-topic. Edit: This is an older page, and has been superseded. The original ...
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What are the guidelines for asking for a critique of my work?

I want to ask for a critique of my work? Can I do that here?
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Any chance of getting Markdown Extras support?

I love that SE sites let us use the simply elegant Markdown syntax to write questions and answers, but I would love to get some Markdown Extras love. Markdown Extras adds a few little extras to the ...
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