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Leaving Stack Exchange - my reasons

As you can tell from my username, I support Monica's fight against what SE did to her. The actions taken by those in charge at SE have left a very bitter taste in my mouth, and while I have not left ...
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4 answers

How can we on this site put pressure on SO/SE to carry out Monica's requests?

Monica has just posted the following on Meta Stack Exchange: Stack Overflow is doing me ongoing harm; it's time to fix it! In particular, the post includes the following: Therefore I call on ...
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129 votes
1 answer

Taking a personal leave of absence

Effective immediately, I am taking a leave of absence from StackExchange. This time of year is a very difficult one for me, for reasons that pre-date and are unrelated to my time at SE. Chances were ...
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Is in risk to fail? What can be done to avoid this?

I know, that communities often get time to grow, until they are matured enough to go out of Beta. But sometimes also a site will fail. See this blog entry for an example. Is in risk to fail ...
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What's the "elevator pitch" for writers.SE?

Per the fourth question of the 7 essential meta beta questions, this question can serve as the place to decide on the description for what this community will be about. Since we're all existing/...
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