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How could this user have reviewed this queue?

While looking at who was rewarded the Custodian Badge, I noticed that the user this user was rewarded the custodian badge for completing a review task in the queue suggested edits. Their only Stack ...
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New reviewer, looking for clarification about what appears to be a request to critique

RE: Job description for my employment reference I've just been given access to the review queues and I'm seeking some clarification. The above question appears to meet the expectation in the Help ...
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What does "close as duplicate" do?

I was wondering if "close as duplicate" deletes the question completely, or if it keeps it there with the comments saying "duplicate of XYZ"? (I've been skipping those questions in the review queue, ...
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Review Queues mismatch

This has been happening for me quite often recently, and it's strange. I look at my Review Queue, and there's a shining red dot next to the Low Quality Posts. As pictured: I click on it, and there'...
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It Is Appropiate to Welcome People Answering My Question?

Recently (yesterday, actually) I ask a question about writing an AI character. The question get a fair amount of attention and there were several first time posters. They popped up in the First Post ...
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Is there a place for critiquing book proposals within stack exchange?

Is there a place in Stack Exchange where you can share an excerpt of a story or proposed book and receive feedback?
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Please help guide new users with reviews

The First Posts and Late Answers review queues are really important -- the first contains new users' first attempts to participate on Writers, and the second contains posts from lower-reputation users ...
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What to do when the problem with the answer is the question?

There have a couple times that I have come across an answer in the low quality post queue where the real problem is the question. I have always opened and voted to close the question and mostly ...
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Can I post my writing for review here?

This policy discussion is now out of date. Critique questions are off-topic on Writers.SE. Please look for more recent posts on this topic. Would Writers SE be a good place to post a paragraph or two ...
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Critiques of blog posts: on-topic?

Can I use this site to get reviews on the posts I put on my blog to improve my writing?
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