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Why do I need a "high" reputation to comment?

I wondered why 50 reputation points are required to comment on an answer. Being new on this kind of side, it seems to me, that contributing to questions, could be encouraged by allowing comments ...
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What is the status of the increase in repuation thresholds for privileges?

Almost a year ago, Writing.SE clamored for graduation, which was finally granted in August 2019, albeit without the standard increase in reputation requirements for privileges as was standard for ...
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Why is my answer getting me reputation even though it's not getting more upvotes?

I recently posted this answer, I'll admit it wasn't an amazing answer but it received 3 upvotes (as of writing this) and I'm glad I was able to be helpful. What I'm confused about though is that since ...
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What is the highest upvoted/downvoted question, answer and comment on this site, and who is the highest rep user? (Writing.SE)

I know that this question is completely useless and trivial, but I am really curious. In the post about the departure of a significant user here, I couldn't help but notice the high rep users ...
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Should we increase the reputation thresholds for privileges?

This is my first question on Meta, I hope it belongs here. I'm asking this because I just reached 2000 rep, and I was awarded "Access to moderator tools", whatever that means. I'm not sure if this is ...
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Do I lose reputation when I downvote things?

I just downvoted a question I found a bit ridiculous, and when I clicked on my profile and looked at my reputation tab, it said "-1 reputation". I don't know what my reputation was beforehand, but do ...
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Misbehaving reputation

My reputation is acting out. Earlier today, I've hit 200 rep. Great. Then, my rep went back down to 185, because an answer of mine, that was accepted this morning, later got unaccepted. That's fine. ...
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Do upvotes to questions on Writing Meta not result in reputation?

The Help link for Writing Meta ( actually redirects to the help page for Writing (, so it's not possible for me to ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Weird reputation

I look at yesterday, and I see I've earned 235 points. Only that shouldn't be possible: 200 is fine. Over that, accepted answer gives 15, so 215 and 230 are possible, but not 235. Then today, I just ...
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5 answers

Does reputation matter?

Okay, I've had this for a while, and after seeing user-487's profile I realised that maybe reputation doesn't matter as much as I thought. The last line of his profile translates to: I used my ...
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Moving reputation from one user to another

A few months ago, I started using English Language and Usage Stack Exchange. I signed in as a guest and that worked for me for quite a while, using the same computer and browser the entire time. I ...
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Incorrect user board?

I just looked at the users tab, and Loren Ipsum only has 750 rep, but she is still at the top... Why is this? None of the users, even the ones that I thought had 10,000+ rep, have more than 750?
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A pending suggested edit can earn 2 rep after earning edit privilege (Just a factoid)

This is just a factoid that might be of interest to others, not really a topic for discussion (though it is plausible someone might want to comment on the subject). It appears that if one suggests ...
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