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Reputation-based site privileges like commenting, reviewing, editing, and more.

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When will we lose the beta site model?

What I have noticed, is that beta and non-beta sites have different setups. For example, on non-beta sites, you access first post and late answer queues at 2000 reputation. On beta sites, it tends to ...
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The power is going to my head: (Is my close vote decisive?)

So, the other day, I apparently closed a question all by myself: How do I write romance if I've never been in love? I've never had that power before --not sure I like having it. However, today, ...
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What is the status of the increase in repuation thresholds for privileges?

Almost a year ago, Writing.SE clamored for graduation, which was finally granted in August 2019, albeit without the standard increase in reputation requirements for privileges as was standard for ...
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Should we increase the reputation thresholds for privileges?

This is my first question on Meta, I hope it belongs here. I'm asking this because I just reached 2000 rep, and I was awarded "Access to moderator tools", whatever that means. I'm not sure if this is ...
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