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ELL vs. ELU - where to send your beginner Engish questions

A comment was recently left on a recent question; it read: Hi, Welcome to WritingSE. This question actually belongs on EnglishSE. Just a clarification: English.SE is ...
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Community specific reasons for closing only shows EL&U and Writing Meta SE options

A reason for closing is that the question should belong on a different SE site. The pop-up box only gives you two possible sites to migrate the question to, Writing Meta and EL&U. Could we include ...
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26 votes
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Let's migrate content from Technical Communication here

The Technical Communication site is not going to graduate from private beta due to not meeting the participation threshold. However, there are some good people and some good content in the private ...
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Follow up on increasing the possible migration routes for Writing SE

Follow up on this question. After seeing this question, this question, and this question, I realize we can't add a search bar like the moderator tool on migration sites for regular users, but could we ...
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