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Closing a question: "belongs on another site" - can we have ELL as an option?

When voting to close a question, one possible reason is that the question is off-topic and would belong to another SE site. But the only sites to choose from are either English Language & Usage, ...
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Is this question on or off-topic for our site?

This post asks a good question. I am wondering if we should migrate it to EL&U SE though, it seems like too specific of a grammar question for our site. I am asking here on Meta, so as I gradually ...
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Follow up on increasing the possible migration routes for Writing SE

Follow up on this question. After seeing this question, this question, and this question, I realize we can't add a search bar like the moderator tool on migration sites for regular users, but could we ...
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Community specific reasons for closing only shows EL&U and Writing Meta SE options

A reason for closing is that the question should belong on a different SE site. The pop-up box only gives you two possible sites to migrate the question to, Writing Meta and EL&U. Could we include ...
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3 votes
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Migration options?

When I voted to close something because I thought it fit better on Freelancers.stackexchange, I only had options to migrate it to English or ELL -- how does one propose other places to migrate to? (I ...
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5 votes
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How to migrate a question?

One of my questions that I recently asked was put on hold because it would be better on the World Building SE, so how do I migrate it there?
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17 votes
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Migration Path to Worldbuilding SE

Unfortunately, some aspiring writers seem to confuse doubts about writing with doubts about how to organize, create, or fix world building aspects of their story. I've come across some questions which ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Shouldn't we have migrated this question?

This question got posted here a few hours ago. It's a phrasing request asking for help wording a sentence, which is off-topic here but - if I understand correctly - is on-topic on English.SE. I ...
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Closing off-topic questions and migrate them to WorldBuilding.SE

Sometimes people come in Writing.SE and ask questions that belong more in the WorldBuilding.SE. Why isn't that an option in the section to close questions yet? (Close -> Off-topic -> migration) ...
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ELL vs. ELU - where to send your beginner Engish questions

A comment was recently left on a recent question; it read: Hi, Welcome to WritingSE. This question actually belongs on EnglishSE. Just a clarification: English.SE is ...
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Let's migrate content from Technical Communication here

The Technical Communication site is not going to graduate from private beta due to not meeting the participation threshold. However, there are some good people and some good content in the private ...
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More migration paths

When doing an off topic close the only options are Meta and ELU. it would be nice to add ELL, Stack Overflow and Academia.
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Question Closed and Voted to Migrate Didn't Migrate

I closed and voted to migrate this question to English.SE where it clearly fits as a grammar question. The question was locked by Community and closed by me, but it did not migrate. Is this a bug? ...
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