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Restart Challenges?

It's back to school time, more or less, in the US, so a lot of us have September Energy! (This is always the real new year's for me, and time for resolutions I can actually follow) So: Tag ...
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1 answer

New posts that link a post using the old URL don't show up as "linked" on the sidebar

I've just noticed that on the most recent topic challenge, Writing challenge: Rise to Power - 30 July 2019 - 17 August 2019, there's a link at the bottom to my initial post from 2+ years ago about ...
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9 votes
1 answer

How does a question become a Hot Network Question?

I see that one of my questions became a HNQ -- what did it? Was it active here and THEN became "hot", or did I use some words that drew the HNQ attention, and then it got more views? I just want to ...
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Do upvotes to questions on Writing Meta not result in reputation?

The Help link for Writing Meta ( actually redirects to the help page for Writing (, so it's not possible for me to ...
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2 answers

Should Genres Be Tags? How should they be organised?

I've been asking some questions on Writers SE recently and one thought that came to my mind was genres - There appears to be tons of genres, and there will probably be lots of questions that use ...
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