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Should asking for tool suggestions be considered on-topic?

I've seen a number of these but here's just one example. The gist is, someone asks "what are some tools that do X?" X is usually a task related to writing. In the don't ask section it says ...
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"Examples of X in Fiction" questions

I've understood questions of the form "What are examples of X in existing fiction" to be off-topic for us. Because: By definition, they're list questions, which work really poorly on SE They're low-...
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Proposing a list of writing books

I understand that lists or specific book requests are forbidden on SE groups, though I don’t really see why, apart from the fact it would take up lots of time and generate multiple duplicates. I also ...
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Feedback needed: Looking for better answers to list/resource questions

We've got some questions on the site asking for a list of things, and the mods have been talking about ways to make these better without closing them. Questions asking for a list of resources, or a ...
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What should we do about these two old, popular recommendation questions?

We currently have two questions that seem very similar to each other: ...
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