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1 answer

When will we lose the beta site model?

What I have noticed, is that beta and non-beta sites have different setups. For example, on non-beta sites, you access first post and late answer queues at 2000 reputation. On beta sites, it tends to ...
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5 votes
1 answer

What is the status of the increase in repuation thresholds for privileges?

Almost a year ago, Writing.SE clamored for graduation, which was finally granted in August 2019, albeit without the standard increase in reputation requirements for privileges as was standard for ...
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8 votes
3 answers

Should we increase the reputation thresholds for privileges?

This is my first question on Meta, I hope it belongs here. I'm asking this because I just reached 2000 rep, and I was awarded "Access to moderator tools", whatever that means. I'm not sure if this is ...
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2 answers

Are we being graduated?

Hmmm... Or are we just getting the site design update we were promised where we told the SE folks, sure, we'd love a site update but it's not enough: we want full graduation. Even if it's just the ...
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10 votes
4 answers

10 question per day, now what?

In an awesome effort from out amazingly effective contest we have passed 10 questions per day. See the great screenshot below! Now that we have passed this milestone, what do we do next? How do we ...
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20 votes
1 answer

Singing the song of angry men

Nigh three weeks ago, we made official our request to exit beta. During this time, efforts have been made to keep attention on the request: @ChrisSunami offered a bounty on the question in order for ...
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9 votes
5 answers

If we could have a custom design, what elements are most important?

Disclaimer right up front: I have no privileged information or special authority. I don't know when, or whether, the results of this question will be used. But I want to start collecting input. The ...
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18 votes
0 answers

Do you hear the Writers sing?

I have just posted this on Meta: a call to end our imprisonment in "beta". This has been done following this discussion last year, and this one this year. If you care about us becoming a full ...
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27 votes
2 answers

Questions/day and graduation

According to this question, and this one, the main hurdle to our graduation is the number of questions per day. I went and looked at some graduated sites, and found that not all had perfect stats ...
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79 votes
9 answers

Time to Exit Beta?

So, we still haven't quite reached the mark on questions per day. But we're killing all our other stats. It's hard to find a question here that doesn't immediately have a ton of answers and votes. ...
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24 votes
11 answers

Getting Writers out of its Rut

This site is in a rut. It has been in beta for six and half years. The most obvious factor preventing us from graduating is our questions per day stat. All our other statistics are excellent. (https://...
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