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How should search text be quoted?

I suggested an edit for this answer which only changed the quoting for the text to be used for a web search. (The suggested edit has been accepted.) The original used parentheses for quotation; I ...
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"bold" vs. "bolder" in light of boldface headers

I noticed that headers use bold which makes the use of <strong> in headers invisible. Changing the style of <strong> (and <b>) to "bolder" might be appropriate. Perhaps there is a ...
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1 answer

How should line rules be used?

The guidelines for good answers (or its experimental variant formatting of much the same content) should probably include some guidance on the use of line rules. I think they would best be used for ...
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3 votes
5 answers

What makes a good answer?

This site is intended to provide well-supported (preferably sourced) answers which are helpful to the original askers of questions and also to other readers. In light of the goal of being helpful, ...
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Updating Questions After Receiving Answers

Writers.SE is the first Stack Exchange Site I've ever been involved with - I just happened to stumble across it one day while surfing the web - so I apologize if this might seem obvious to many of you....
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