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Disappointing moderator response to flag

Here is the situation. A user posted two near identical questions within a few hours of each other. I came across the second one first and voted to close as off-topic as it was. I then later found ...
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Retracting flags on comments

I flagged a comment. Later, after some thought and after additional comments from the author of the original comment, I decided the flag was unnecessary. How do I retract that flag? To retract a flag ...
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Why was my flag declined? [closed]

Recently on another meta question an answer contained the following line. Finally, combat is the typical focus of young male writers. Nothing against being young, male and a writer, there is just ...
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"not an answer" flag went to the wrong place?

To the best of my understanding, "not an answer" flags should send an answer to the "low quality" review queue. Then, if someone disagrees with the flag, it gets "disputed". An answer I flagged as "...
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Why was my comment flag on a "Thank you"-comment declined?

I recently flagged this comment as "no longer needed", which reads: thankyou for the tips. To cite from the privilege page on "Comment Everywhere": When shouldn't I comment? [...] ...
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Is the "not an answer" flag discouraged?

I flagged a post (which had already attracted downvotes and a "this isn't an answer" comment) as "not an answer", and it was declined because "flags should only be used to make moderators aware of ...
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