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Closing a question: "belongs on another site" - can we have ELL as an option?

When voting to close a question, one possible reason is that the question is off-topic and would belong to another SE site. But the only sites to choose from are either English Language & Usage, ...
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Updating the "existing literary works" close reason to point to Literature SE?

One of the current custom close reasons of Writing SE is: The community has decided that questions about existing literary works, except in a writing-specific context, are off-topic. For more ...
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Follow up on increasing the possible migration routes for Writing SE

Follow up on this question. After seeing this question, this question, and this question, I realize we can't add a search bar like the moderator tool on migration sites for regular users, but could we ...
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Community specific reasons for closing only shows EL&U and Writing Meta SE options

A reason for closing is that the question should belong on a different SE site. The pop-up box only gives you two possible sites to migrate the question to, Writing Meta and EL&U. Could we include ...
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How is this question very unlikely to help anyone else?

I have a unique character that I'm having a problem writing. He's a virus! This question was put on-hold due to apparently being off-topic, probably because someone though the OP was asking "...
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Closing off-topic questions and migrate them to WorldBuilding.SE

Sometimes people come in Writing.SE and ask questions that belong more in the WorldBuilding.SE. Why isn't that an option in the section to close questions yet? (Close -> Off-topic -> migration) ...
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Can we change the "writing critique" close reason to say Writing.SE instead of Writers.SE?

Currently the custom off-topic close reason about us not accepting writing critiques says: While questions that use your writing to illustrate a point in the question are fine, requests for writing ...
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Why is the question about writing a polite unsubcribe email closed?

How to write a polite unsubcribe email? So Neil Fein thinks that this question is off-topic, and state to the meta question* he links, the reason it's closed is because it's asking for "what to write"...
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Why do pure literary questions commonly get closed?

On my last question, I was informed that most pure literary questions are closed. Why is that?
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Making "Inventing names for Sci-Fi characters" fit

It seems Inventing names for Sci-Fi characters is not up to high standards as requested by Neil Fein. I am bothered of how to invent names for fictional characters in a future-setted Sci-Fi so thay ...
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