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Can I ask to comment about my writing style? [duplicate]

Can I paste like a part of my writing here and ask for comments about my writing style and suggestions on how I can improve? I am a novice and have no background in literature. This is my first novel ...
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What are the guidelines for asking for a critique of my work?

I want to ask for a critique of my work? Can I do that here?
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Should we encourage users to give samples of their writing for critique?

This policy discussion is now out of date. Critique questions are off-topic on Writers.SE. Please look for more recent posts on this topic. I feel like Jeff would want to close this kind of question ...
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Why are examples of writing and critiques off topic again?

I came across an off-topic question where someone had asked for help tightening up a piece of prose. It was flagged as off topic and I found it peculiar. In other exchange sites you might have a ...
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Please vote! What should we do with questions that are no longer on-topic?

We've had some confusion in the past about our site scope, but we now have a clear description all in one place, with community consensus (+7/-0 is pretty substantial for our meta). So, what should ...
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Can I ask people about the inconsistency of the tone?

I am wondering if I can post a short excerpt of my writing and ask people to comment on the inconsistency of the tone in various parts of the writing? Similarly, can I post a short excerpt of my ...
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Clarification of critique guidelines

Edit: This meta thread, while of historical interest, is no longer accurate: Critiques are no longer on-topic on Writers. (Anyone who wants to discuss, please comment on this more recent meta thread ...
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(DEPRECATED) Policy on Writing Critiques

We had a long, long discussion about this internally, and we've decided that writing critique questions are officially on-topic. Edit: This is an older page, and has been superseded. The original ...
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New rule on what to write questions

This post is to capture our new rules on what to write questions, as proposed in Getting Writers out of its Rut. There are several kinds of questions that can be characterized as "what to write&...
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Writing.SE On-Topic summary

Many users have expressed confusion about what, exactly, is on-topic on Writing; even the mods have to look things up in meta. It's time to collect our many discussions of what's on- or off-topic in ...
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Can I post my essays here for others to comment?

I am trying to improve my English writing and take the initiative to write daily. However I do not have a teacher to mark my work. So can I post my essays here for others to comment?
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Critiques of blog posts: on-topic?

Can I use this site to get reviews on the posts I put on my blog to improve my writing?
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How are critique questions working out for us?

As a counterpoint/companion to the other recent questions about dealing with critiques, this one is intended to assess our current view of critique questions, now that we've got some experience with ...
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Can I post my writing for review here?

This policy discussion is now out of date. Critique questions are off-topic on Writers.SE. Please look for more recent posts on this topic. Would Writers SE be a good place to post a paragraph or two ...
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Where can I get a critique of my work?

Questions asking for critiques are off topic. We don't want to leave people high and dry, so having a list of places to get a general critique would be helpful. These sites can also do more than we ...

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