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Writing.SE On-Topic summary

Many users have expressed confusion about what, exactly, is on-topic on Writing; even the mods have to look things up in meta. It's time to collect our many discussions of what's on- or off-topic in ...
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Can I ask to comment about my writing style? [duplicate]

Can I paste like a part of my writing here and ask for comments about my writing style and suggestions on how I can improve? I am a novice and have no background in literature. This is my first novel ...
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New rule on what to write questions

This post is to capture our new rules on what to write questions, as proposed in Getting Writers out of its Rut. There are several kinds of questions that can be characterized as "what to write&...
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(DEPRECATED) Policy on Writing Critiques

We had a long, long discussion about this internally, and we've decided that writing critique questions are officially on-topic. Edit: This is an older page, and has been superseded. The original ...
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What should we do with the "find a proofreader" question?

This question asks about finding a proofreader. It is currently cast as a shopping question (who should I use?), so I was going to edit it to make it more along the lines of "how can I find one / ...
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What are Writers.SE's unique Close/Off-Topic reasons?

The precise nature and scope of Writers.SE, as a Q&A resource for writers, is not always clear or intuitive to newcomers. Some types of questions seem appropriate, but through experience have been ...
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What is wrong in the following question?

When I want to ask the following, I get Oops! Your question couldn't be submitted because: It does not meet our quality standards Following English is correct or not? "You probabily know ...
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[grammar] tag poorly geared for on-topic questions

Consider the grammar tag. Two of its most obvious functions are off-topic at Writers.SE: Questions about correct grammar are migrated to English.SE. Requests for grammar-proofing as a critique are ...
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Should we allow "please restyle me" or "what could be an appropriate metaphor here" *homework* sort of questions?

I think we should, because just that sort of questions made SO very attractive. Rethinking and rewriting someone's text is a good example both for wanderer and teacher.
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Should we allow grammar questions on here?

I believe that we should not allow grammar questions on this site. It should be a place to discuss writing techniques, styles, etc., but not to have your work copy-edited. There is already a ...