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There should be a "subversion" tag

Quite simply, as the title claims. I don't have many arguments for this other than, subversion is tool utilized plentifully in writing, whether it be subversions of archetypes, tropes, genres or ...
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A tag for combat?

Do we want a tag for [combat] or [battle]? Some questions that could use the tag (in no particular order): What's Essential In A Combat Scene? How do I write an action scene? Switching perspective ...
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Should we have a death tag?

Death seems to be a pretty common topic on this site. Some example topics: Characters dealing with death: Character motivations facing death? Writing character deaths: What makes a good death ...
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Let's break constraints of Constrained Writing

Motivated by ongoing contest, I was looking for less used writing areas on the site and make those areas more exposed, active and open to larger audiences. My first question after the contest's ...
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Should we have an appendix tag?

I went to add appendix to this post: Should I include an appendix for inessential, yet related worldbuilding to my story? But that tag doesn't exist. If there's something else that means the same ...
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Do we need a [profanity] tag?

In this question @Cyn used the sex tag since there was no profanity or swearing tag. I feel this tag should be reserved for the questions about sex in writing. Instead I propose we have a profanity ...
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Is AP-style different from APA style and is the tag used correctly?

I've had a look through some older questions and some of the less popular tags on the main site and I stumbled upon the tag ap-style, which sadly has neither a tag wiki excerpt, nor a full tag wiki. ...
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Can we introduce a rhetoric tag?

I think a rhetoric tag is warranted, based on some of the posts I've seen on creating tags. It is an important discipline within the study of writing. It is much more precise than the current ...
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How about a RELATIONSHIPS tag?

I have to laugh that there is a "monsters" tag with 3 questions, but no relationships tag. While there is a "romance" tag, I don't think it's quite the same thing. A search for "relationships" ...
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Should we have an epilogue tag?

I would like to go ahead and create epilogue We have prologue and it seems reasonable to have a matched set. There does not appear to be a generic term that covers both. I discovered the problem ...
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PSA: Adding these tags

This post is a response to Can we formulate a response to the large number of kids under 13?: I am going to go add these tags: rape torture I see that these tags have already been added: profanity ...
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