I want to ask questions on graphical design details of technical documents. Would they be eligible on writers.SE or should I ask them elsewhere?

For example I need clarification about the naming of some graphical guidance methods like popup callouts, "zoom in"s etc, about their popularity or viability. I can't even be sure of their nomenclature.

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There's a spectrum.

At one end, we have questions already about layout -- things like separating chunks within a chapter, formatting poetry in running text, whether to show the screen shots before or after the corresponding documentation, and so on. Clearly, then, the presentation of writing is on-topic. Questions about using pop-up callouts or linking versus embedding referenced material or formatting for a phone are also on-topic.

At the other end are technical implementation questions. A question about CSS or how to produce such-and-such effect in Photoshop1 or what you should name your JavaScript classes internally would be off-topic.

There's a lot of space in between and we haven't had a lot of questions in this space, so if uncertain, I suggest trying. Having actual examples to use to determine this part of our scope, rather than just hypothetical questions, should be a big help. I'll apologize in advance if some of them get closed as off-topic, but we'll help you migrate those to other sites if possible so you still get answers.

1 We do allow tools questions, though not the really basic ones like "how do I make things bold in Word?". But questions that are purely about making graphics are not really writing questions, even if those graphics are being used in your writing.

  • Thanks for the clarification
    – Montag451
    May 6, 2015 at 15:45
  • 1
    Thanks for bringing your question here, and I hope we're able to help you with the questions you want to ask on main. May 6, 2015 at 15:46

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