There are at least a few questions concerning reading as a writer. Would it be useful to make (and apply) a tag?

Example questions (from the first page of the search "reading is:question") might include:
Taking notes while reading
Does reading books help writing skills?
Best Practices To Learn By Reading?
Can I be a good writer without reading a lot?
How do I balance reading time with writing time?

A more general tag could include questions like:
Can I improve my beta reading skills to aid a close person's writings?

However, I think "reading as a critic/editor" (including self-criticism/editing) should be distinct from "reading in order to become a better writer", perhaps using a tag.

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I think a tag would be fine.

Since we are on writers.SE, this implies that we think, ask and answer about reading from a writer's perspective, so a tag is as superfluous as a tag (there are of course other kinds of writing, e.g. diary writing, note taking in school, doing homework, writing private letters, etc., none of which make you a writer and all of which differ from writing for publication as a writer does it). Of course, the tag explanation should make clear to the confused passer-by what we think of when we tag something as .

As for the tag, this is and needs no extra tag (because how else are you going to criticize, if you don't read it first). But of course we need a tag (with the explanation that this labels questions about how to critique, not asking for a critique).


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