It looks like critiques on this site are going to soon take a different form. We don't want to leave people high and dry, so having a list of places to get a general critique would be helpful. These sites can also do more than we ever could do in a Q&A format - sometimes a draft needs extended discussion, something not possible here.

Please feel free to add to this. Have made it community wiki to encourage participation.


Online critique sites

Fictionpress allows anyone to upload stories, read those stories, and comment. As the site is wide open, the quality of comments varies wildly, along with the quality of stories. It's easy to use and has a large user-base. source

Critters Workshop is an online critique group. (You have to give about 3 critiques per month to have your stories critiqued). It is also designed to encourage useful, constructive, and in-depth feedback. It used to be science-fiction/fantasy/horror only; those parts of the site have been around longer than the the other genre sections. source, source

Critique Circle is members-only: Work put up for critique isn't visible unless you're a member, so it's not "published online". source

Protagonize claims over 25,000 writers. It allows you to build an ongoing and engaged readership, create and participate in writing groups, and collaborate with other authors on writing projects. source

Sites with a critique section:

Scribophile has tools for helping with structuring critiques that are quite helpful. You earn points to make submissions depending on the length of critiques and whether they are appreciated by other site members. Critiques are visible only to members. source May have a heavy focus on scifi.

The Erotica Readers and Writers Association. They host a "Storytime" mailing list where you can post your work for critique. source


r/writing has a weekly critique thread.

r/scifiwriting allows general critiques. It's a small subreddit but looks pretty active.

r/DestructiveReaders encourages brutal critiques.

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