This is about this question

As suggested by Neil Fein, I am asking this on Meta.

Any suggestions on how to edit the question so that it is less of an etiquette question and more of a writing question (and also takes care of the fact that it doesn't become a question about what to write).

The problem, as I see it, is that writing a reply to an invitation (such as the one under consideration) is closely linked to socio-cultural practices and etiquettes. It does not have a clear cut answer as over a question which might ask for guidelines on how to write a particular kind of content.

If the question is reframed to be something like How to write a reply to wedding invitation, then the text quoted in the question would suffice as the answer. The question is more about specific case(s) under this broader question which also involves aspects like what would be the best thing to do under such a condition which might lead to opinions and also people giving general answers such as this.

The goal of asking the question is not to seek reasons as to why one should write a particular kind of reply and why one should seek to make it more convenient for the bride/groom/whoever. Nor am I seeking answers that tell me "use your common sense". I wouldn't be asking the question in the first place then.

Again, rephrasing the question to be something like Guidelines for writing replies to an invitation will also not suffice.

Any suggestions on how to edit this question? Thanks a lot!


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