Can I ask questions about writing the following types of documentation listed below on Writers SE?

  • Requirements
  • Architecture/Design
  • Technical
  • End User
  • Marketing
  • Yes, questions about technical or scholarly writing are very much on topic here. Did you have certain kinds of questions in mind?
    – Tim Post
    May 16, 2013 at 12:43

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Yes, questions on all of these types of writing are on-topic here. The questions should be focused on the writing, including processes, rather than the specific technical content. For example, "what makes a good system requirement?" isn't on-topic here, but "how do I make my requirements document understandable to all audiences without sacrificing technical rigor?" and "how do I present such-and-such information while following the IEEE format?" are.

Similarly, some of the document types you listed rely on diagrams; questions about that aspect are on-topic if focused on the communication aspects rather than, for example, how to use Visio to make an inheritance diagram.

See also this answer about API documentation on MSO.

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