As decided by vote, here's the next challenge, proposed by Selina:

Write a scene where the protagonist is forced to hurt or kill a friend/someone they are close to, to achieve a purpose. (For example, to further a cause or movement, or maybe even save someone else.)

Go onward and write! Then post your story here as an answer, and get feedback in the comments. If you ask a main site question while writing for this challenge, leave a comment below this question or mention it in your answer.

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You can also post and vote on future challenges here: The next writing challenge could be yours

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He raised his killing instrument, and dark liquid pooled at the tip like blood. His heart rushed. Ecstasy. Terror. He trembled out a long breath.

There was no scream, no protestation of any kind. There couldn't be. Slowly, inexorably, reverently, he lowered his tool to the task.

Bright red, the ink scored a line, and then another.

"I'm sorry, Darlings." His voice was soft. He dragged the pen across the page, and with a another scratch it was done.

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