Welcome to the future writing challenge proposal thread.

This is where you will decide what the next writing challenges will be. The next challenge will take place in March 2022.

How does the challenge work?

In order:

  1. You will first answer to this OP by suggesting an interesting writing challenge.
  2. You will up and down vote the answers in this thread
  3. The most voted answer will become the challenge
  4. A separate OP will be opened, with the challenge rules and the start and end date
  5. You will add your entry and edit it until you are happy with it. Everyone is encouraged to give useful feedback and suggestions on how to improve entries in the comments.

Hopefully this will be an interesting experience and a useful way for all of us to grow and learn as writers. You are also welcome to ask questions on Writing SE about all the hurdles, quirks and doubts that you face while composing your entry or reading others.

What constitute a challenge?

Mods correct me here, but I'd say that anything goes. If it is not to the taste of the community it will not get as many votes. Some examples I can think of:

  • flash fiction, i.e. very short pieces, down to just a few words
  • writing the same scene in prose and poetry
  • composing a formal letter to an editor
  • writing using words that do not contain a specific letter
  • composing a dialogue where each character has a different register
  • describing a scene without giving any visual clues, so only using any of the other available senses.

Maybe a way to think of a challenge is to think about writing tasks that you find challenging. The limit is your imagination.

Happy writing!

List of challenges

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    To keep things clean, I'm deleting used challenges.
    – Laurel Mod
    Feb 28 at 4:31

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Write a scene in which weather is a significant factor. Whether for effects on the events, or as a thematic comment. Or both.


Write a scene where a character has a conversation with themself (either via time travel nonsense, an internal back and forth, hallucinations, cloning, etc.)


Write a passage in which the point of view character is referred to no more than once per two hundred words. Less is fine.



Is a life lived well the best revenge? Is it a dish best served cold? Is it the petard you hoist yourself by?*

Write a scene about revenge.

* sorry


Write a scene where the protagonist dies or stops existing

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