This post asks a good question. I am wondering if we should migrate it to EL&U SE though, it seems like too specific of a grammar question for our site. I am asking here on Meta, so as I gradually unlock new privileges I would be able to vote for closure with confidence in my knowledge over grammar questions like this one.

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An ELU mod writes (on the suitability of the question for ELU):

While discrete questions of grammar are probably more suited to ELU than writers, in this particular case the question would probably end up rejected by being closed.

Using asyndeton [omitting all ands in a list] or polysyndeton [putting and between all elements in a list] is not really a matter of grammar. It's a stylistic treatment, and both forms have recognised names which your OP knows and uses. It makes no difference how the list is introduced or formatted; a list is a list. Whether it's laid out as in the question, or set out as bullet points, and can be included or omitted equally validly.

A question like "Is there a name for omitting all mentions of and in a list?" or "What do we call it when children breathlessly add and between everything when listing their day's activities?" would certainly be on-topic and answerable on ELU.

A question which is really "Does this use or omission of and suit my writing style?" would be off-topic on ELU and closed as opinion-based.

I'll leave Writers mods to comment about this site, its handling of topicality and migration mechanisms.


Thanks to @AndrewLeach for the ELU perspective.

I agree that the question is probably more stylistic than it is grammar so I think we'll leave it where it is. I've added the 'style' tag to the question.

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    By the same token, though, would that not leave it far too opinion-based, even for us?
    – Weckar E.
    Jan 29, 2021 at 11:38
  • @WeckarE. possibly..I think it may lack enough context to give a definitive answer but I'll leave that one to the community to decide for now. Jan 29, 2021 at 13:26

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