First, what mechanisms exist (if any) that make known the availability of an alternative venue? Right now, the only thing I can see is the occasional "I'm leaving, and here is how to find out where I'm going" Meta post.

Some might be thinking, We can't expect management to permit this to be done explicitly.

The response to that might be, We won't know until we try; and management has made clear that they their focus is the big technical sites, where they are hoping to .

Second, what other mechanisms, if any, could be added?

What is the apparent boundary between what is permitted and what is not permitted?

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  • The links have been posted in many places. Look at our featured post and click on the link to Monica's blog where she talks about her future plans. See you around! – Cyn says make Monica whole Feb 1 at 0:02
  • @CynsaysmakeMonicawhole - would you mind laying out the other locations? I had trouble finding anything else. // Has the company permitted so much posting of the alternate location? Thank you. – aparente001 Feb 1 at 0:35
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    It has been tried already. Thomas Myron for example posted a link as a question named "Join us at the replacement for Writing SE" - it has been deleted by a Community Manager via a spam-flag mod-deletion. Even if you had the privilege to see deleted posts on this site you would have to click on "see the revision history" to see anything. The history has not been redacted and the post is still in the database, but still, those two options are the only ways to hide that post even more than it currently is. – Secespitus Feb 1 at 0:35
  • Hint: look at a few profiles of people whose usernames suggest they are somewhere else or simply unsatisfied with the ongoing situation and the links in those profiles. The company is not actively hunting links, probably because that would be too expensive, but they are removing links if they are in plain sight. – Secespitus Feb 1 at 0:36
  • @SecSE-clearMonica'sname - I doubt it would be expensive. That would be rather straightforward to automate, I would think. I really do have the impression they're just swatting at flies in the small sites, which I believe they consider inconsequential to the grand plan. – aparente001 Feb 1 at 1:18
  • Feel free to try and spam the site with links to the other site in every question and answer until they find you. It will only confirm their suspicion that this site doesn't have enough people anymore that care to handle moderation. Then it wil be shut down and only left as a data dump as all other sites that have died in previous years. If you ask me they don't care about the past community, but they still won't leave advertisement for a potential future competitor. – Secespitus Feb 1 at 1:27
  • @SecSE-clearMonica'sname - Is the consensus that it would be preferable to try to avoid a site shutdown? What is your own view about that prospect? – aparente001 Feb 1 at 1:34
  • If I wanted to help keeping this site alive I wouldn't be telling you where to find all these previous discussions and examples, some of which you can't even see. Instead I would flag your posts for "moderator" attention. – Secespitus Feb 1 at 1:45
  • @SecSE-clearMonica'sname - I get that you support the move. But I'm thinking that if the existing site simply shuts down, it might be difficult for new people to find the alternative location. Both people connected with SE in general, and others, with no connection. So I'm guessing that a complete shutdown would be less than ideal. Has this been discussed in some way or other? – aparente001 Feb 1 at 2:51
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    @aparente001 cellio.org/stack.html – Cyn says make Monica whole Feb 1 at 4:11
  • @CynsaysmakeMonicawhole - I'm having trouble with "claim account" at discord. The userid already exists. But my guess about the password is wrong and I don't see a reset. – aparente001 Feb 1 at 5:10
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    @aparente001 I am not a fan of Discord. The "claim account" bit is for Codadict though and not related to Discord. The thing isn't quite right. Post to the Discord site and Art will help you with it. I needed help with mine as my doing it was correct but also not working. – Cyn says make Monica whole Feb 1 at 23:14

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