I've just voted to close

I feel like I'm plagiarizing my story?

as a duplicate of

I'm scared that my story is plagiarizing another story

These two questions seem essentially identical, but they've attracted a whole bevy of answers (five on one question, three on the other) which look to be worth preserving.

Should these two questions be merged? Needs a mod, but I'm posting on meta instead of just flagging because I'm new to this community (not to SE) and don't know the norms here yet.

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We haven't had a lot of merges, but merges are infrequent everywhere so that's not surprising. What we need to determine -- and this can be done by the community; it doesn't require a mod -- is: does every answer on both questions fit with the single question that would be the result of the merge? I assume the surviving question would be the older one, which is a little more detailed.

Merges can't be undone by mere mortals (that would need a developer reaching directly into the database), so we want to be sure before we pull the trigger. In the meantime, that newer question should be closed as a duplicate -- a prerequisite for merging. I see two suggested duplicate targets, so I'm not applying the mod-hammer on that yet.

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    I think the two questions I've linked are very similar, and the answers to the newer one would all fit on the older one too. As for the one Galastel linked as a dupe target: I hadn't seen that when making this meta, and haven't checked if it's similar enough to be part of a merge. (Potentially not since Galastel's question doesn't explicitly mention plagiarism? Dunno.) Commented Jul 23, 2019 at 21:23
  • On a quick skim the other suggestion looks different enough to not be a complete dupe and merge candidate, but I haven't read everything there yet. Commented Jul 23, 2019 at 21:25
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    Agreed, let's merge these all into one canonical question. Commented Jul 24, 2019 at 14:34

These two questions - yes, I think they're similar enough that, as Monica states in her answer, every answer in both questions would fit both. At least, I skimmed over them, and it seemed so.

I suggested a different duplicate in my VTC: one that was created as a canonical question, because we were seeing too many questions of the "my idea is similar to X" kind. Because it was created to be canonical, I always point similar question to it, rather than to other similar questions. The level of similarities between the questions you point to is greater, though.

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