Welcome to stage 2 of our tag challenge! Stage 1 was very successful so we decided to keep going, with a few slight changes.

The tags:



This tag challenge was extremely quiet. Unfortunately we only gained a collective 2 questions on the features tags. added nothing, while and added one each.

Nonetheless, we did have a winner. celtschk asked an excellent question on con-langs and gets awarded a big bag of bragging rights. Use them wisely.


  • The contest runs for two weeks, Monday 12:01am to Sunday midnight. The day ends when StackExchange says it does.
  • Post a new question using one or more of the tags.
  • Update the answer to this post with your name, tag(s), and a link to the question.
  • You get one point for every question that, at the end of the challenge, is open, has one or more votes, and is correctly tagged.
  • Re-tagging old questions on these tags is encouraged but keep it at a reasonable rate. We don't want to flood the homepage.


  • One beautiful sack of bragging rights!
  • Two sacks if you use multiple tags in the same question.
  • A third if you manage to tie a question in to the latest writing exercise.


  • Can we use questions we've already posted that are within this challenge's boundaries? Yes.
  • The goal of this challenge is:
    • Increase overall question rates toward 10 questions per day.
    • Get us to the Generalist badge by having 40 tags with over 200 questions.
    • Promote tags that may otherwise be lost or forgotten.
  • Each fortnight we'll have thee tags to choose from; the tags are deliberately different from each other.
    • One tag will be a high popularity tag to increase participation in the challenge.
    • One tag will start the challenge between 100 and 200 questions to move us toward generalist.
    • One tag will be freely chosen by the challenge poster. Though tags from the new tab are encouraged.

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Add entries to this list in the following format:

Username, tag, link to question

One entry per question, not one entry per tag.

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