Across the network the per-site Meta site have tags and questions about the Stack Exchange Data Explorer. We have setup a tag filter to get a feed into some chatrooms when new questions about the Stack Exchange Data Explorer are posted.

A quick search query showed that Writing.Meta is the only site in the Stack Exchange network that has an active tag instead if the common . On many sites the tag is a synonym for .

If there isn't a pressing reason why having a data-explorer tag on your meta (with or without the appropriate sede synonym) is a bad idea can you make the needed changes?

As there is only one question a retag to could do.

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I asked the question you referred to and edited it to change the tag from to . I wasn't aware of that convention and this looks like a very reasonable request. A synonym would be nice though. Most of the time when I have read about the data explorer it was in combination with the acronym SEDE. But a mod would need to add the synonym.

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