When I voted to close something because I thought it fit better on Freelancers.stackexchange, I only had options to migrate it to English or ELL -- how does one propose other places to migrate to?

(I would suggest options include Freelancers, Workplace, and Interpersonal Questions, just based on ones I've seen today.) Thanks.


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In order to have other migration paths, we need to graduate. Related: Writing.SE clamours for graduation

What you can do in the meantime is flag the question, and under "in need of moderator intervention" write where you think the question should go. It takes time - we only have three moderators, and they're not on 24/7, but eventually they get to it.

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    Something that helps us evaluate flags like these is if you can show us you've done the initial investigation -- checked their on-topic list, or you're an experienced user there, or something like that. Sometimes a question sounds like it fits another site but they'd just close it, which makes a really confusing experience for the person who asked the question. So we need to check, unless we know you have already. Thanks! Mar 5, 2019 at 15:32

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