Would a question on how to give good constructive feedback to other writers fit this Exchange? Would it be too broad? That would be my main concern, but I believe that we could give a list of guidelines for how to approach giving a critique without the need for a dissertation on the subject.

If it is too broad, are there any details you would ask for that might help me, the asker, narrow down the question to something on-topic?

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Questions about how to review or critique are on-topic. (Editing is on-topic, and this is related.) Your question as proposed feels too broad, but you could narrow it down by including:

  • type of work (critiquing poetry differs from critiquing API documentation)

  • size of the work (people probably approach novels differently from short stories)

  • whether this is a one-time critique or part of an ongoing process where the reviewer might see several drafts, be part of a regular group, or similar

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