I want to ask what to include in a first page text, would that be considered on topic or off topic? I noticed that asking what to write is off-topic, however I want to ask what to include, for example character name or such, in the text. Would it be considered on-topic?

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That can vary depending on the style of story you're telling, whether there's a prologue, whether it's part of a series... questions about openings are on-topic, but "what should I include?" might get closed as too broad or opinion-based. For example, Moby Dick starts right off with "Call me Ismael" while in The Time Machine we never learn the name of the narrator. So there's not a clear rule about names, but you could ask about when to introduce names, how/when to identify the POV character in a first-person narrative, etc. Or you could ask what factors are most important if you're starting in media res and want a quick hook. Or you could ask about conventions for the prologues of fantasy epics. Bottom line, please try to be more specific about your context so your question is good subjective.

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