I think there should be a ratings tag for if people have a question on if a certain situation in their writing would tip them over an edge into another rating (Say, from PG to PG-13, or R to X?) Sorry for any confusion over ratings and stuff, if i could delete this, i would.

  • I just noticed (after answering) that your title says "tag" while your question says "tab". I assumed you were proposing a UI change (a new tab on the front page). Is that what you meant? Could you edit to make them match, whichever you meant? Thanks. Nov 7, 2018 at 15:20

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I would disagree that a is required or tags for any specific rating value.

Given that the ratings mechanisms and the criteria that they apply are very different in different jurisdictions, I think it would be a very difficult tag to apply consistently.

The ratings you quote, R, X and PG-13, don't exist where I come from. Here in the UK we have rating systems for cinema films, video games and websites - all of which are different and are policed by different organisations. There are no ratings for books.

A question would have to specify the type of writing for which a rating is sought, and there are already tags for , and others that would be applicable.

  • Ok, thanks for letting me know.
    – Kale Slade
    Nov 7, 2018 at 15:04

We don't get a lot of "R-rated and above" questions, so segregating them would probably mean they wouldn't get much attention -- people wouldn't be in the habit of going there. Plus, the boundaries can be ambiguous sometimes, especially on a worldwide site with diverse cultural norms. For example, in the US sex is considered "adult" but violence might only net an "adult supervision recommended" rating; in other parts of the world gun violence would be an instant "adult" but sex is more acceptable.

We do, however, have a mechanism to impede accidental viewing of material. If in your question you need to talk about "adult" content, however you define that, you can use the "spoiler" formatting, like this:

This is spoiler text. It is only visible on hover.

To do that, begin your paragraph with >! (blockquote formatting + '!').

  • I noticed some people don't... Maybe they could have it out there? (unless it already is) Nov 13, 2018 at 22:39

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