I recently figured out that Writing Beta doesn't have a sandbox feature like WB does. Now, people said this was due to WB being a rather different site, therefore requiring such a feature. But still I have a question that I am not sure is fit for Writing Beta. It would be really helpful to get some looks on it before posting it there. So, can I use Writing Meta for trying out my question?


Yes! Meta exists to talk about the site, and IMO proposing and developing questions definitely counts.

While there's nothing wrong with just asking a question on the main site and asking for edits or suggestions, having a question closed/edited is a bigger deal for some people than others. I can see why having another place to sketch out questions is helpful.

I'm not opposed to creating a sandbox feature, but I think the community here is too small to warrant it. I'm fine with people using meta as a sandbox, or asking about proposed questions on chat. If we get a larger community in the future, we can revisit this.

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    "If we get a larger community in the future, we can revisit this." I agree 100% with that. Let's not see a "we don't need (or have the community to support) a special sandbox post on Meta" as a "we shouldn't ever have a special sandbox post on Meta". If circumstances change, a decision can (almost) always be revisited. Heck, there were the writing challenges...
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    Oct 13 '18 at 16:57

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