Right now the block on the right side of Main lists the usual stuff: ~6,5k questions, around 20k answers, 100% answered and ~22k users. But one stat seems to be quite far off:

We currently have 55 visitors/day according to the "Site Stats".

The 5k site analytics tool shows that this has been the case since 12.04.2018, where we first dropped from ~6,5k to ~100 and further down to 14 on Sunday.

I think since I've started being active on the site the stat was somewhere like 6 to 9k each day, except for the slower weekends. 55 visitors/day seems to be extremely far off and doesn't really seem to align with the amount of traffic we've seen in the last days. For example this question was asked yesterday and has more than 3,5k views. I can't imagine that having an HNQ and our regulars would only give us a total of ~55 visitors/day. Is it ok to reference names of real world people? is another HNQ that has been asked today.

For example the screenshot in the Meta discussion Why is the Writers site still called Beta? from mid-July 2017 shows ~6,5k visitors/day.

Does anyone know why the "Site Stats" are so far off? Or why they are so different to the values I remember seeing?

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This is a network-wide problem -- something's broken in the path from Google Analytics to the reports we get in that summary box (for beta sites), in the site analytics that high-rep users can see, on Area 51, and in the moderator tools.

The problem started in early April. Because Area 51 (and that summary box) shows a rolling average, it's been steadily declining since then. We've now reached the "no, you've got to be kidding" stage with that stat.

We have way more visitors than what's currently showing. Everybody does. (For our site, I saw stats in the 9k range in March.)

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