I was running through the review queue, and noticed a suggestion for information about the tag.

Could we edit this tag to read 'time-constraint'? 'Constrain' is a verb; 'constraint' is the noun we are looking for. Given that we are a writing site, I figured proper grammar is something we should strive for in our tags. :)

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This turned out to be the tip of a larger iceberg.

We had two messages tagged "time-constrain" (sic). We had a bunch of questions tagged "time", which were divided between questions about managing time and questions about depicting time in written works. That's confusing, so I split "time" into and , retagged a few questions, and eliminated the "time-constrain" tag in the process.

I also wrote a short wiki for what was time (now time-depiction) and updated the wiki for time-management to add cross-references.


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