What have our users put out in the world recently? And how did Writing.SE help you do it?

Anything published through a traditional publisher or self-published is fine here. (We may refine this after a bit.)

The format for now will be one answer per user.

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    I think this would be great to be allowable in some way. Gives users a chance to give a shout out to the help they had from us along the way (arguably inherent self-marketing), but also let us know that we helped someone get closer to their goal.
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    Commented Sep 20, 2017 at 18:21

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Technical writing

A lot of what I've written is proprietary and some is scattered around on my blog (which I'll try to collect later), but meanwhile...

Religion books

I am a member of the editorial team and a contributor (not sole author!) for Mi Yodeya Publications. We've published four books so far, about Pesach (Passover), Chanukah, Purim, and the High Holy Days. You can download them at that link.

Historical research

I am the co-author of Joy and Jealousy, a book of reconstructions of 15th-century Italian dances (balli). The book was published on paper in 1997 and later (mostly) posted online. The multi-part arrangements of the music weren't integrated into that posting but can be found in this larger collection.

Worldbuilding blog

I've written a bunch of posts for the Worldbuilding.SE blog, Universe Factory, from mid-2015 to present. Some are fiction, some are how-to or process articles, and some are commentary.

Process and commentary:



Below is a list of published Automotive How-To articles I wrote for a company called Internet Brands. These were published between March 2016 to August 2016.







Blog Posts in the Universe Factory (WorldBuilding.SE's Blog on Medium)

I have written a few fantasy short stories for the Universe Factory. Most of the time I am using the answers and questions I have written on WorldBuilding.SE as a basis, though there has been one where I mixed some questions from another user with one of my own as the basis.

They are grouped into different series (none of which have a real name yet):


I see from a quick Google search that Alexandro Chen, an early, frequent poster of questions here, did in fact (self-) publish the book that he was working on at the time (Animal Suicide), and recently released a follow-up, a collection of short stories.

It also looks like Writing SE legend Mark Baker has recently released a book called Structured Writing (XML Press).

Dale Hartley Emery, another one of our top 10 users, published a number of titles a few years ago, through what appears to be his own private publishing imprint, Driscoll Brook Press.

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