I recently asked a question here. I didn't get a satisfactory answer, and upon reflection, I think that's because I didn't word my question the way I should have. I wasn't clear enough in what I was after. I'd like to start over.

And now I have a problem. Simply editing the question won't draw in new answers (the question is fairly low down on the page by now). Asking a new question might work, but it would probably be labeled as a duplicate (which in all fairness it probably could be termed - it would be different, but probably still too similar). And I can't delete the question, save by flagging it for such (which I suppose I could do, but I figured I'd ask here first).

What should I do when I want to 'start over' with a question?

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Editing a question bumps it up in the list of questions; go ahead and edit the question. If it still isn't getting answers, you can always assign a bounty.

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